Hall of Fame

Fell Running

1977  Alan Mcgee: British Champion
1980  Billy Bland: British Champion
1980  Pauline Haworth: British Champion
1983  Kenny Stuart:  British Champion
1983  Men’s Team:  British Champions
1984  Kenny Stuart:  British Champion
1984  Pauline Haworth:  British Champion
1984  Men’s Team:  British Champions
1985  Kenny Stuart:  British Champion
1985  Pauline  Haworth:  British Champion
1985  Men’s Team:  British Champions
1986  Men’s Team:  British Champions
1987  Men’s Team:  English Champions
1988  Men’s Team:  British and English Champions
1988  Billy Bland:  British and English V40 Champion
1990  Dave Spedding:  British V40 Champion
1992  Women’s Team:  British and English Champions
1993  Women’s Team:  British Champions
1995  Dave Spedding:  British and English V50 Champion
1998  Angela Brand-Barker:  English Champion
1998  Women’s Team:   English Champions
2000  Women’s Team:  English Champions
2001  Women’s Team:  British Fell Relay Champions
2002  Louise Sharp:  British Champion
2002  Women’s Team:  British and English Champions
2003  Louise Sharp:  British and English Champion
2003  Duncan Overton:  British and English V50 Champion
2004  Louise  Sharp:  English Champion
2006  Lyn Thompson:  English V50 Champion
2006  Dave Spedding:  British and English V60 Champion, English V55 Champion
2008  Lyn Thompson:  British and English V50 Champion
2009  Pippa Jackson:  British and English Champion
2010  Pippa Maddams:  British Champion
2011  Pippa Maddams:  British Champion
2013  Lyn Thompson:  English V55 Champion
2014  Julie Carter:  English V50 Champion
2015  Julie Carter:  British V50 Champion
2014  David Loan:  British V60 Champion
2015  Lesley Malarkey:  English V65 Champion
2017 Carl Bell: British Champion
2017 Mens Team: British and English Champions
2018 Carl Bell: English Champion
2018 Mens Team: British and English Champions
2019 Carl Bell: British and English Champion
2019 Mens Team: British and English Champions
2019 Mens Team: British Fell Relay Champions

Kenny Stuart - Glasgow Marathon 1986
Keswick AC - Pippa

KAC Lifetime Members

Lesley Malarkey – awarded in 2019 for services as Club Chairwomen from 2017 – 2019

Carl Bell – awarded in 2019 for achieving both British and English Fell Champion Award in 2019

Steve Harwood

Dave Spedding