The London Marathon (currently known through sponsorship as the Virgin Money London Marathon) is a long-distance running event held in London, United Kingdom, part of the World Marathon Majors. The event was first run on 29 March 1981 and has been held in the spring of every year since. Since 2010, the race has been sponsored by Virgin Money.

Map of the course as of 2019* (*it may change so check each year)

Keswick Athletic Club is an affiliated England Athletics club so we are given 2 spots every year. All KAC members can apply for these spots and the committee picks candidates by assessing the following criteria:

Criteria (if demand exceeds supply)
Preference will be given to:
  1. Runners should be 1st claim KAC and run in a KAC vest
  2. Members who have tried (unsuccessfully) to apply directly for an entry via the ballot
  3. Members who have not had a club entry or run the London Marathon before
  4. Members who make a significant voluntary contribution to the club – eg as a race organiser or committee member
If demand still exceeds supply after these criteria have been applied, names will be drawn out of a hat. We also ask that anyone that gets a spot and runs shares a bit of their experience with the rest of the club. This can be in the form of a photo, story, video, poem, interpretive dance or movie length Hollywood style production (at your own expense).

Below is a list of everyone in the club that has run the London Marathon, whether a Club, Ballot, Charity or GFA* entry.

Results from 1981 – 2008 are not available on the London Marathon website so if you would like to have yours added, send an email to the Club Secretary with your name, the year you ran and time.

From 2009 to current, results are listed below and on the London Marathon website HERE.

If you have a photo and would like to have it included, email the Webmaster.

*GFA = Good For Age


Date Name Time Club/Charity/ Ballot/GFA*
2019 Ella Scott 4:34:58 Club
Nic Wiseman 4:47:38 Club
Rob Brown 2:34:48 GFA
Nicola Paxon 3:34:41 GFA
Anja Coulthard 3:45:31 Ballot/Charity
2018 Mike Beechey 4:05:58
Tim Campion-Smith 2:40:11
Emily Christmas 4:37:38 Club
Simon Jackson 3:41:55
Dave Kearns 5:10:18 Ballot
Rachel Mellor 3:26:43
Penny Newell 4:01:33
Paul Slone 3:29 GFA
Diane Shaw 4:35:43 Club
2017 David Ferrier 4:41:02
Adrian Holme 5:07:40
Marc Penn 2:38:43
Maria Quigley 5:22:25
2016 Adam Campion 2:58:35
Juliet Grieves 3:53:23
Simon Jackson 3:07:53
Rachel Mellor 3:19:13
2015 Trudy Beetham 3:44:18 Club
Steven Hebblethwaite 2:34:28
Rachel Mellor 3:21:36
Tomasz Sepetkowski 4:05:05
2014 Jill Blayney 5:09:30 Club
Juliet Grieves 4:05:26 Club
Steven Hebblethwaite 2:49:23
2013 Rachel Kearns 4:35:43 Club
Keith Hill 4:18:11 Club
Siobhan Brewer 4:02:49 Club
David Rice 4:07:24 Club
Joshua Hebson 2:57:14
Hazel Davies 3:28:23
Kathryn Bryant 3:53:07
2012 Rob Wynne 3:13:30 Club
Paul Dobson 3:58:33
Simon Thompson 3:40:14 Club
Mike Beechey 3:44:50
2011 Andrew Slattery 3:06:33 Club
Karen Sturgess 4:50:36 Club
Rainer Burchett 7:15:07
David Harrison 4:05:36 Club
2010 Nick Ogden 2:59:49
Rachel Slattery 3:38:30
Mike Beechey 3:43:29
Nicola Davison (Paxon) 4:10:43
James Johnstone 4:57:30
Kathleen Frampton 4:57:30
2009 Nick Ogden 3:06:59
Rob Wynne 3:09:37
Antony Letts 3:21:44
Hayley Hodgson 3:48:37
Anne Downie 3:53:55
1994 Paul Titley (IIH) 3:23:32
1992 Paul Titley (GRR) 3:13:11
1987 Paul Titley (GRR) 3:11:56
1983 Paul Titley (UA) 3:25:26
1982 xx xx:xx:xx
1981 Peter Trainor 2:47:20
Jon Broxap 2:29:24
Ken Ledward 3:30:09
Neil Shuttleworth 3:07:48
Anthony Bland 2:39:52
Stephen Varney 2:43:08
VLM Nic Wiseman 2019

Nic’s London Marathon 2019

London Marathon
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VLM Ella Scott

Ella’s London Marathon 2019

London Marathon
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