Bob Graham Round

This now legendary run and the associated Billy Bland Challenge is close to the heart of KAC starting and finishing in Keswick as it does. Many of our runners regularly support those attempting the BG round and many have been involved personally.

We are currently compiling historical data about the club’s achievements over the years and would welcome contributions to this page from members.

Keswick Athletic Members that have completed the Bob Graham Round to date: KAC BG Achievements by Year


Jacob Tonkin – 19 hours 57 minutes


Calum Tinnion – 19 hours 12 minutes (Solo) – read all about it HERE

Matthew Atkinson – 18 hours 13 minutes


Julie Carter – 23 hours 48 minutes (55@55 BG +13 extra summits)

Robin Dow – 22 hours and 46 minutes


Tobias Barthelmes – 21 hours 54 minutes

2191 Rob Allen – 23 hours 22 minutes

Jim Scott – 22 hours 38 minutes

Victoria Haworth – 21 hours 41 minutes


Katie Kaars-Sijpesteijn –  17 hours 57 mins

Steve Jones – 23 hours 20 minutes

KAC the ladies completed the Billy Bland Challenge in a new record time of 15.22
Female Billy Bland Records
2010 Dallam VETS 25:20
2011  Helm Hill 21:48
2012 Dark Peak 18:51
2013 Dark Peak 16:04
2017 Keswick AC 15:22


Lee Newton completed his BG in a time of 18hrs 57mins on 10th September.

Rachel-Findlay Robinson (below) running for cancer research in memory of her late mother completed in 23hrs 49mins on 27th August.

Keswick Men completed the Billy Bland Challenge in 12hrs 24mins, a new record, on 26th June.

Keswick Ladies completed the Billy Bland Challenge in 16hrs 59mins on 5th June.

Chris Gill – 23:47

Rachel Findlay-Robinson


A Keswick AC V40 Men’s team completed the Billy Bland Challenge in June of this year in a time of 14 hours 35 minutes, establishing a new V40 record for the Challenge.

Sam Hill – 21:44
Rob Brown – 21:44


Details coming soon