Calum had planned to do a Solo BG last year, but picked up a foot injury early in the season then races started, so it didn’t happen.

He said this about his Solo BG on Saturday 18th July, 2020…

So since no races this year and I’m injury free, once I got a free weekend and a weather window I went for it. I left Moot hall on Saturday night at 10pm. Miriam and Fly clapped me off and they made their way to Threlkeld for a few hours sleep.

I didn’t set off with a schedule, just decided to walk the ups and jog the downs,
and presumed that would get me round in under 24 hours.

Once off Blencathra I stopped by the van to grab fresh water, some watermelon and a cheese pastie then headed up Clough Head. I was greeted by clag and wind on the Dodds, so had to stop and put trousers and a extra jacket on. Sunrise on Fairfield was more than welcome and seemed to burn off most of the clag. Miriam was waiting for me a Dunmail raise with a bowl of crunchy nut and a cuppa. I packed my bag with another pastie, a few wraps and some snickers.

I didn’t want Miriam to have the hassle of driving to Wasdale,
so just told her to meet me at Honister around 3pm and off up Steel fell I climbed.

Stopped on my way off Scafell to refill my bottles and started to realise that I definitely hadn’t packed enough food to make it to Honister. I rationed it best I could but took the final bite of my sweet potato wrap on Pillar. Between Pillar and Honister was certainly my low point, I started to hallucinate on Pillar. Where I thought I had seen a horse but thankfully I think it was only a big rock. But once back at the van at Honister I nailed some more watermelon and 2 pieces of mars bar cake, I instantly felt better.

It had taken me just under 17 hours to get to Honister and I started to wonder if I could go sub 19 hours, so arranged with Miriam to meet me in Littletown with my road trainers, but unfortunately Littletown is further from Keswick than I had imagined and surprisingly enough it’s really hard to run sub 7 minute miles at the end of a BG. So in the end I settled for a 19.12 BG round. It was an awesome day in the mountains.

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