The Keswick Museum on Fitz Park has a FREE exhibition on at the moment, celebrating Women and Sport and featuring two of our own, Julie and Lesley.

A woman’s relationship with sport can be a rocky road, full of twists, turns and triumphs. Girls are often introduced to sport only when they start school, which can often be too late.

“Most sporting opportunities begin aged five or six. But kids make decisions about the world long before then. Even as toddlers they want to perceive and enact gendered roles. Unless we show even very young girls that sport and being physical is for them, there is a danger that they will always be dismissing it from the very earliest of ages.”

Anna Kessel, author of “Eat, Sweat, Play: How Sport Can Change Our Lives”

More details on the PDF attached HERE:  A3 Introduction women and sport_PROOF V1