Keswick fell running couple Carl Bell and Jenn Mattinson tie the knot on Latrigg Fell with friends and family, Saturday 6th July, 2019

They ran to the top in vest and shorts with Keswick AC club mates, pulled on a dress and shirt and tie and then got married!

Pic Credit: James Appleton
With a poem by Julie Carter, read during the ceremony:

For Jenn and Carl

Carl’s run rings around these fell-tops

He’s run rings around Jenn’s heart

True marriage never ends, only begins

He’s made a start

A start at always trusting 

And forever being loved

His sun will always shine now

Even when there’s clouds above

Cos even here in Keswick

It has been known to rain

And even though those fells can freeze

He’ll not be cold again

Jenn’s love warms him from the inside

With his curly locks and smile

He’ll only feel the stronger

As he covers all those miles

And if the going’s tricky

Every now and then

He’ll always make it to the line

He’ll always have his Jenn

She’s true and strong this woman

Who no-one can outsmart

She’s run rings around these fell-tops

And run rings around Carl’s heart

Now with a ring she’s wed him

Jenn’s found her love that’s true

Now even when the mist is down

Her sky will shine clear blue

But never mind the weather

Our Jenn is brave and tough

Not worried if the trods ahead are smooth

Or if they’re rough

She’ll journey ever onward

Tell stories and create

With Carl beside to love her

She’ll always have her mate

So – let us join together

On your feet – come on let’s rise

To toast them and to cheer them

They’ve won their lifelong prize.