Hi Everyone,
I am just writing to update you all on our excellent fell season.

BUT (and I am writing this bit first in case you don’t read to the bottom!)
This club is not just about our elite athletes although we are all extremely proud of them.  It is about all the runners and whatever type of running they are doing and whatever reason they running for.  Do please remember that training is for everyone and that everyone is welcome.  Yes, lots of very good runners are there but I would like to see more slower runners coming along and filling the gap between me (usually 100m adrift!) and them.  So, if you are thinking about coming to training, do try it, it really is the best way to really improve your speed and stamina.

SO, here is an update of results and I hope I’ve got most of it right.
A huge THANK YOU to all who ran and those who have SUPPORTED  us all throughout the season.
I’m off on holiday now for a week to get some sun on my tired muscles so please don’t try and reach me for a week or so!

KAC men won the team event!  Congratulations to all of them who took part.
Carl Bell came joint second, Steve Heb 8th, Sam Stead 9th, Mark Lamb 15th but he finished two of those races in severe pain so shouldn’t be disappointed!
Cat Spurden came 6th and ran for the English team so a great season for her
Jenn Mattinson 12th and Trudi Beetham came 8th in V40
Lesley Malarkey joint 2nd V65

KAC men won the team, again congratulations to all who helped achieve that result.
Carl Bell came joint 1st
Mark Lamb 3rd, Sam Stead 9th and Steve Heb 17th
Jenn Mattinson 9th

Mens team came 1st
Mens V40 came 3rd
Ladies came 4th

To be run in Wales next weekend

Carl Bell has won the open men’s trophy winning Langdale, Wasdale, Borrowdale and Buttermere Skyline very convincingly.
Lesley Malarkey is the only woman to complete all 6 Classic races this year (did you see the weather at Ennerdale!) and has won the V60 trophy.
CHRIS EDIS has become the fell champion for the North East of England (Ithink that’s right)

AND I am sure lots of you have done other great races too.

Hoping you have all had a good summer,
KAC Committee