Peter Trainor remembers how Ron inspired the KAC we know and love today, he’s shared some of that history with us!

You’ll probably have heard by now the sad news of the passing of Ron Hill at the weekend. (Sunday 23rd May, 2021)

As a friend of Dave Ellison, Ron was a great help and inspiration to us in the early days of Keswick AC. He would come to Keswick and train with us and at times also brought with him some of his Bolton UH team mates. In the early 70’s I remember he ran in a Latrigg Race, a Derwentwater 10, a Brampton to Carlisle, and in the early 80’s I met him at a couple of Bahrain Marathons. In the 90’s I’d see him again at the Ron Hill Sports stand at each year’s London Marathon Exhibition.

Also he was Keswick’s first Club President and I’m sure he was impressed and pleased at the way Keswick AC has grown in stature since its inception in 1972.

I’ve dug out and attach copies of some local newspaper cuttings with photos of Ron and some of us old timers.

Ross Brewster in Keswick will probably have more records and memories of Ron if required. (If anyone does have anything they want to share, get in touch with our webmaster)


Peter Trainor