Due to Covid-19, we are reducing the KAC subs (the amount the club keeps) from £10 to £5 to help everyone at the moment and just to keep our costs covered and your memberships up-to-date.

England Athletics are reducing their fee from £16 to £15 and extending our payment deadline to the end of August. This means those with a current EA affiliation are covered until then.

There is a lot of admin involved with the EA portal we use so to simplify subs Sam is going to send out the usual email for existing members at the new reduced rates of £5 (for those just with fell affiliation) or £20 with EA.  However, when you pay is up to you as long as it’s before the end of August.

What do you need to do now…

If you are already a Member of KAC, you will be sent an email, from Sam, with a link to your payment for 2020, like this…


If you are NOT a member of KAC but are joining for the first time in 2020, go to our ‘Join Our Club’ section HERE