Training is to resume from Tuesday 1st September – We’re all still trying to find our way through this strange time but England Athletics released some new guidance recently which will allow is to start training again in unlimited numbers as long as we are in a ‘Covid Secure’ environment (2m apart with no physical contact).   If you would like to come back to training, Tuesday sessions will continue in the structured format of hill reps, speed work etc., with a 6pm for a 6.15pm start from the leisure centre.  Obviously, this is everyone’s individual decision, and anyone who does attend must continue to social distance.  We will split into smaller groups if numbers increase dramatically.  It’s a constantly evolving situation, which we’ll closely monitor but hope this will bring back a bit of normality for us all.
For training on a Thursday, this will be a social run, splitting into smaller groups based on speed.  Again, we’ll meet at the leisure centre at 6pm for a 6.15pm start, from Thursday 3rd September.  Everyone is welcome.

There is still no plan to restart junior’s training.  The coaches are waiting to see how school PE is going to work and future guidance about children from different schools training together.