A women’s team in yellow and gold
The Keswick nine, all bright and bold
All over forty, fast and fun
Set out upon a T room run.

At 8 am from Fisher’s door
Dilys and Annabel opened score
They legged it off at red hot speed
‘Steady now’, they would not heed
Through Portinscale and up Cat Bells
And all resplendent were the fells.

At Newlands Lyn and Nicky took it on
And ran like rockets up Robinson
No time for chat but still with cheer
On Gatesgarth road they soon appeared
Where Jules and Helen were in shock
Scrambling on their shoes and socks.

Jules pulled up her pants without delay
She’d followed instructions to ‘Pay and Display’.
And rough and long the High Stile Climb
The Red Pike summit view was fine
Down blood- stained rocks the hell descent
Went on and on without relent.

Till Buttermere where Trudy and Jo
Up Hopegill Head were set to go
Eel Crag, Hobcarton, Grizdale Pike
On to Causey with a record in their sights
Rough bracken and heather down Rowling End
To Stoneyghyll to meet a friend.

Sam leapt up Barrow in a hop
And running down shed gloves and top
And on she sped at such a lick
We joined behind for the last bit,
With smoking shoes Sam led us home
To Fisher’s where with tea and scones
With smiles and hugs we glowed with pride
In golden vests with gold inside.

By Julie Carter