The idea of resurrecting ‘The Pacemaker’ occurred, as much as out plotting does, mid yomp across some fell(s), at some point, over the summer. Having seen Helm Hill’s latest publication alongside stumbling across Dave Woodhead’s ‘Up and Down Fell’ magazine it seemed like a good idea. The reality quickly hit of forgetting to pester people, design and layout incompetency and that Pacemaker meetings often dis- solved into general drinking and chatting rubbish in The Square Orange. However, thanks to those who contributed and Sped’s generosity in loaning us the ’complete works’, we have managed to cobble to- gether the first attempt at The Pacemaker. A mix of reports, stories , anecdotes and attempts at humour, we hope this will be the first of many editions to come.

Yes, the layout resembles a Year 7 student being unleashed on WordArt and Clipart for the first time. Yes, there is room for more ‘stuff’. Yes, we don’t know if you’ll like it. So, we need your help. Articles, ane- codtes, sharing ‘those’ stories, celebrating your achievements whether that be road, fell or simply getting out there. Let us know what YOU want. Or, even better, write it down and send it through!

Fingers crossed we can get out act together for a Summer edition… click HERE to Read more…

Vic and Rach are hoping to produce several a year as used to happen.  Articles, interviews, news, reports, thoughts, poems etc all very welcome to or