**Venue Change** From the 1st of December 2019, we will meet at the Keswick Leisure Centre, Station Road, Keswick, CA12 4NE, for our Tuesday and Thursday night club training sessions.

At our last committee meeting it was highlighted that the lighting at the Cricket Pavilion is not very good  especially in winter. It was suggested  that we look for another venue. The Leisure Centre was suggested as the CFR club members use their local centre very successfully, combining training runs with social and junior sessions.  We approached our local centre and they have said yes. See email below..

On Friday afternoon we had a meeting with Geoff Gillmore which was extremely positive.
Below is a copy of an email that was sent to Geoff from his manager:
Hi Geoff,

I am happy for the club to use our centre as a based for the nights that they are running, the space on the far side of the pool hall could be used as a stretching area if required.

At the moment Derwent AC use CMT as a base, they all meet in reception before their run & then use a free room afterwards for stretching. Each night they run they put on their socials where they are meeting & this is good publicity for the centre.

In terms of memberships, we would need to see who already has a membership with us. If there were to be a minimum of 10 new members then I could request a discounted membership for the club, all they would need to do is show proof of them being in the club when signing up at the desk (we won’t be able to do it online). For example, so that we don’t lose income, we can’t just give a discounted membership for existing members, we can however upgrade their memberships if 10 new members were to join.. does that make sense?

Geoff is also happy for the Wednesday night ladies to meet there as well. He also said that we can use the changing facilities, toilets and showers. These can be used after training providing that we leave dirty shoes inside the entrance area so we don’t walk mud etc into the changing area. There is space near the entrance to the gym which we can use as a warm up warm down area (great in the winter months as it is so hot in there!) the only people who will be using the centre will be those who use the gym.

Keswick AC members will get some kind of discount on leisure centre membership including use of gym (possibly 20%). We would need a minimum of 10 members signed up to qualify for discount.