All comments below must be read alongside the latest government guidelines, UK Athletics guidelines and the FRA guidelines published on 25 March 2020 .

Due to the terrain around Keswick, we also have to consider the impact of an incident on The Mountain Rescue Team; the higher fells are not an option a present.

Although there are no imminent races on the calendar, this is a time when we can all work on aspects of our performance:

• Maintain/improve aerobic base
• Let those injuries recover
• Do strength and conditioning work
• Focus on a weakness like short hill work
• Improve lactate threshold/speed endurance

A number of these do not require great structure, however, Keswick AC now intend to publish TWO structured sessions on the website each week. One of these will focus on very short hill work and one will focus on speed endurance/lactate threshold.

When undertaking one of the sessions you must follow all guidelines, including:

• This is your one session of outdoor exercise for the day
• It must be carried out alone or with members of your own household
• The session takes place “from your own front door”
• It does not take place on high fells. Please use road/trails/parkland/etc
• The published session will not include venue

From a performance point of view, it is recommended that you only use one of the two sessions each week; doing both will take this training towards race preparation (when there are no races) and you may then struggle to maintain race fitness once races restart. The idea is to make an easier transition from this current state to racing fitness once we approach that time.

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