There was another double Keswick AC victory in the final English Championships fell race at Cautley Horseshoe, near Sedbergh. Hannah Horsburgh finished in 51:07 and Mark Lamb in 44:19 with a great sprint finish. Carl Bell gained the points need to be crowned English Fell champion.

Keswick AC runners to finish: 

Mark Lamb, 44:19; Dan Haworth, 45:32; Carl Bell, 45:44; Steve Hebblethwaite, 45:52; Sam Stead, 46:59, Calum Tinnion, 47:04; John Battrick, 47:58; Rob Brown, 50:57; Hannah Horsburgh, 51:07; Steve Halsall, 51:18; Tobias Barthelmes, 52:00; Tom Day, 52:33; Harry Bolton, 55:00; Dan Jones, 55:38; Dave Prosser, 55:56; Craig Smith, 56:34; Andy Slattery, 56:55; Cat Spurden, 1:00:05; Ross Bulter, 1:02:15; Jenn Mattinson, 1:03:03; Zoe Webber, 1:03:12; Trudy Beetham, 1:04:24; Chris Brewer, 1:04:40; Kate Apps, 1:06:18; Helen Winskill, 1:08:52; Lyn Thompson, 1:09:38; Rachel Findlay-Robinson, 1:11:44; Kerry Cornforth, 1:13:39; Nicky Butler, 1:13:51; Lesley Malarkey, 1:16:45; Louise Brown, 1:22:11

Keswick AC’s Hannah Horsburgh crosses the finish line. Pic John Battrick


Keswick AC’s Sam Stead crosses the river. Pic: Helen Winskill.