Long Distance Award Rob Allen – It was a close run contest ​with lots of runners taking on amazing personal challenges throughout the year. For more on this Award and the other nominees, go HERE
Instagram queen Ekaterina Townshend – She has tagged the club in a post every. single. day! Without fail.
Most steps of the moot hall climbed Boris Psodorovhas a become a crucial part of any record attempt finishing at the moot hall. He’s been there for every (non lockdown) record to hand them a victorious pint of beer from The Round. He has been dubbed Keswick’s favourite foreigner.
Almost British Champion Award Hannah Horsburgh – Who won the only British champs race of the year.
Hardest Cumbrian award Mark Lamb The man who thought he could our run hypothermia during High Cup Nick. There’s a video of him shaking so much that he’s spilling a cup of tea everywhere whilst wrapped up in blankets and having his back rubbed my the race organiser. (Tea Video hard to find so enjoy this one of Mark and Hannah instead!)

Best Karaoke – Calum Tinnionfor his numerous performances after the Northern XC champs race in a small locals pub. He sang Never gonna give you up as a duet with Sam Stead. Us Keswick lads were practically applauded out of the pub at the end of the night.(Look on the Ellenborough Instagram for a video of their duet)

Golden kit kat – Ivan Holroyd – for competing 3 races in 2 days…a speedy parkrun, the new year half marathon and then stopped off for the king of the castle race on the way home. All against Tonk. We combined the times for an over all winner. Tonk won 2 races. Ivan won 1. But over all he won by 80 seconds. As he demolished him in the half marathon. All for a kit Kat wrapped in gold foil!

The Tom Partington Award / the least imaginative route planner award – goes to Craig Marsh for running up Latrigg 105 times in a year, beating Tom by 5 runs. Who last year did it 100 times.

The ‘Dancing with Cows’ Award goes to Lindsay Walker – for keeping spirits high amongst the Keswick Ladies every Friday with her tik tok dance routines on the farm.

The “Oh #### (bother!) I’ve left my keys in Keswick’ Award goes to Steve Jones – for leaving his bike lock keys in Keswick whilst at Dunmail Raise on his bike. Doh! We should maybe also mention that Steve completed all of the Wainwrights under his own steam in 60 days during the first lockdown.

The Massive Detour Award goes to Matthew Atkinson – for leaving his BG tracker in his shorts in his parent’s car at Wasdale, then them driving to Honister via Cockermouth with it. We realised on top of Steaple but didn’t bother telling him. When we got into signal we had a lot of missed calls off his mam.

The ‘I am not organising another relay’ Award goes to Lyn Thompson for not only organising another relay but then another (with a bit of help from Jo).