In line with the government Road Map, we will begin Senior Training and the Wednesday Ladies sessions after the 29th March.
We are still looking for volunteers to do the online Leadership in Sport programme to enable them to lead sessions. If you are interested please contact Rob Jones.
To get the latest training, download our new club app, register and look for Keswick Athletic Club  – Team App
Racing is more complex to re-start and there is considerable extra work for race organisers to do ahead of events. At the moment it is unlikely we will be able to hold any races before Skiddaw but if that changes we will let you know. The FRA are planning to start the English Championships with Ennerdale so get your entries in quickly when it opens. Our KAC Race program will be updated as we progress but some dates for 2021 are HERE.
You will remember at this time last year we made a cut to membership fees so that we were just covering our England Athletics subscriptions and overheads.
As we start to get going again we will put the fees back up to £25 inc EA membership and £10 without it. We are are moving to SiEntries to manage the applications, which means you can set up direct debit payment. It also means that you will not have to keep re-entering details as most of us use SiEntries already and you can manage membership of the FRA in the same way. Many thanks to Sam who has to put in a lot of work, whichever system we use.
Sadly, Lucy Burnett is no longer able to perform this role on the committee due to other commitments so if anybody else is interested in taking this on please let Trudy know. Thank you to Lucy for her input to date.
Thanks to all the committee for their continuing hard work. For a year when there isn’t much happening on the outside there is an awful lot of work going on behind the scenes.
See you soon.